Bridal Mehndi Designs Book | 100+ Modern Bridal Designs 2018


Mehndis tend to make a wedding special and complete. No bride can imagine this day without getting their hands decorated with amazing henna designs and yes this is as important as the wedding dress. Girls! We definitely understand that you need the best patterns to cover your hands and arms and feet. Well, let’s not just wait anymore, here we display some most captivating prints and designs that will steal your heart. So, all the ‘brides to be’ here comes your favorite part, the charming Bridal Mehndi Designs Book.

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Bridal Mehndi Designs Book

Bridal Bail Mehndi Designs

Bridal Bail Mehndi Designs

Bail mehndi is quite famous for its grace and prettiness. The exquisite collection of bail mehndi includes variety, talking about either flowery bail or other motif design.

This design is most common yet an intricate one. Every single bride tends to get this beautiful piece of mehndi design either on their hands or feet.

Bridal Shimmery Mehndi Designs

The real enchanting one of all the bridal designs. This design is especially for the brides giving them a shimmery look on the whole, including their heavy jewelry and bright colored lehngas.

Bridal Shimmery Mehndi Designs

The glitters added to the mehndi designs makes the hands and feet look more stunning. All the brides this will surely be the right choice to pick up.

Indian Mehndi Print

This is another amazing mehndi design. This is a simple yet an attractive mehndi print. The most common Indian mehndi print is a huge dot in the middle of the palm with finger tips colored completely.

Indian Mehndi Print

This design is best suited for long hands. Indian mehndi designs depicts cultural history too and if you know what ‘old is gold’ really means then this is absolutely the right pick-up on your wedding. An Indian sari with the Indian-design mehndi can do a fabulous job.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Book

Arabic and Mughalana mehndi prints marks an old time, a rich cultural history and this is the reason that makes it admirable. Ladies, adorn your hands with Arabic bridal mehndi and feel that royal affection.

Arabic Mehndi Designs Book

Arabic bridal motifs are heavy and cover your entire hand with fine, complex patterns and floral patches and when this design is stretched towards your arms, this style adds good-looks.

If you are trying a Mughal or an Arabic bridal style, with this design you’ll get that hunch of being ‘Anarkali’.

Floral Web Design

Flowery nets are unique, new and stylish. These flower web design is all connected with fine lines and is more intricate. The design on hands is wore on mehndi functions or wedding functions, it goes equally impressive.

Floral Web Design

This style is too suggested for long hands, as circular, dot and flowers and leaves occupy a good space on hand.

This design can also be applied on feet and looks as great as ever. Large flowery web links floral patterns, surrounding leaflets and can be more embellished by dots and proper filling.

Stone-filled Gol Tikka

Gol tikka with dotty style goes ‘wow’, simple yet attractive and absolutely a wedding display. Who says that a bridal mehndi always be fancy or elaborated, well it can stay smooth and stunning at the same time.

A gol tikka right in the center of your hand, with dots around, connecting the design with lovely flowers and then putting shiny stones in the center and on the circular patterns. This design is though old but with time it bears variations or I must say gorgeous variations.

Bracelet Motifs

Girls know jewelry really better than anything and who doesn’t loves being jeweled up. So we have planned for you the best bridal-thing for your wedding.

Yes you get that right, it’s that fancy mehndi designs covering your hands. Bracelet motifs are all about the ones you love wearing or carrying around.

Tell your mehndi-wali to apply your favorite bracelet design, make it more decorative, adding your innovations and I am sure it will work out best.

Net Bails Mehndi Designs

These bail patterns or designs again involve fine, intricate lines and all that floral touch. This is one of the most elegant ones and shows a wonderful match with your wedding dress.

Net Bails

Net bails are getting common, as more women prefer getting this design on and it is definitely eye-catching.

Sticker Mehndi Designs

This new mehndi in-store has taken every girl’s attention pretty much. Sticker mehndi is too trendy and in fact is a child’s play.

Sticker Mehndi Designs

If you are too busy preparing up for your wedding and have no time to sit and get your mehndi or even if you can’t find a nicer mehndi-wali, then here is a perfect solution for all your worries.

Bridal mehndi holds immense importance and should be glamorous enough to catch audience’s sight especially that of your ‘in-laws’. Too serious? No! We have a good advice here, go find a mehndi shop instead of a mehndi-wali, select your favorite mehndi print and stick it out on your hands. Surprised much? Well yes, it’s that easy and convenient.

Fine-line Patch Designs

A complex pattern that needs an expert to apply. The print is a mixture of complexity and simplicity. Brides usually prefer adding some Arabic design touch with this fine-line patch design. It surely fits your hands and arms splendidly. Fine or intricate lines with a perfect filling can make your mehndi beautiful.

Fine-line Patch Designs

The interesting part about this pattern is that it can be mixed with various new designs. Girls! Do give it a try.

Ending Note

All brides should view this Bridal Mehndi Designs Book. We believe in providing quality advice and unique material.

Ladies, it’s the perfect time to select your favorite design. Oh! In case if you haven’t decided yet, then be quick. I do understand that ‘getting ready’ is time-taking, especially when it comes to women.Getting ready for the special occasion is our favorite job, even the most-loving pass time.

So, scroll here and search your favored designs, prints and patterns. knows what is best-liked by every classy woman and we are here to maintain your standards.


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